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Welcome to VIP! This is not a typical pizza shop by any means. We’re not Italian, don’t pretend to be and didn’t name our place so you might think we are, but we make an outstanding pizza. We took the original Napoli style pizza and ran with it.

What we are…hand tossed, ultra thin crust baked at 800+ degrees in our all-wood fired oven. San Marzano tomatoes for our sauce, Italian “00” flour for our dough, hand crafted ingredients and 100% real quality cheeses. It’s about as close to a Napoli Pizzeria as you’ll get without a passport. Well, except they don’t have a Chili Dog pie there…that’s all Idiot!

Things have to work a little different here. We have 900 square feet in which to provide the best product we can in a reasonable time frame. With that being said…we just make pizzas (and some killer tacos!). There’s not much room for any other cookin’ equipment, an ice machine or other typical restaurant stuff…maybe we’ll get a bigger place some day, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So forget about your favorite pizza joint back home in New York and let us treat you to a new, fresh experience. Those guys have been making the same pies for 50 years. That’s what they do and they do it well, but we’re new to the pizza biz and definitely have a knack for some killer food…it just happens to be on an awesome pizza.

No need to call ahead for take-out, unless you want a whole gaggle of ‘em. Just come in and watch your pie cook or hang out with us.
And don't forget to visit our friends next door at Tyler's Ice Cream for dessert!

Best Wishes,
Ms. Amanda Sprague (Mom) & Chef Joseph Yost (Pop)
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